Di Filippo Legnami LTD was established in 2009 as a continuation of the "Di Filippo Adriano", born in 1952, taking its name from its founder, in the historical Via Marsala. The activity begins in a first single building which produces wood wool for packing glass and ceramics. At the same time sawn timber of various kinds for the construction industry is realized. Over the years, the halls multiply, the headquarters grows as products that meet the new requirements of the market.

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Studies on various types of wood shavings and wood chips are performed, the application of which finds its outlet in agriculture and zootechnics. Another production line directed to the domestic heating with the cutting and preparation of firewood, the production of pellets and briquettes is developed. First and most important goal of Di Filippo Legnami Ltd. is to monitor the quality of the products that are completely natural, nothing is added to what nature has to offer: virgin wood.

The company pays great attention to the environment and the welfare of its inhabitants. Di Filippo Legnami LTD is present with its products in various trade fairs, of national and international importance, this being a demonstration of its continuing interest in research. The ability to innovate is one of the strengths of the company whose objective is tense, traditionally, to the highest quality products and customer satisfaction. The opening of a production facility in Sry Lanka for the production of litters in coconut for poultry and livestock, is a demonstration.