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Coconut fiber is a substrate with excellent characteristics for growing: it is light and easy to handle, well ventilated and oxygenated, providing excellent drainage, it has a stable pH, retains moisture and it is 100% natural.
The grow bags may be used for different crops: tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, strawberries and flowering plants.
Our grow bags are obtained by combining a different percentage of the outer husk of coconut fiber with the peat (70% peat + 30% chip husk, 60% peat + 40% chip husk, etc., etc.). The different material mix can control (raise or lower) air circulation and the electro-conductivity of the material.
It is possible to choose amongst different size dimensions (length and width, 60x20 cm, 80x20 cm, 133x20 cm, etc.)
Furthermore it is possible to choose the position of the holes for the water, the water drain position and holes to insert the plants.

Other benefits deriving from use of our product:

  • Development of horizontal roots;
  • Excellent drainage through the bottom made of coconut bark;
  • Less problems for plants by preventing roots moist;
  • Cost savings in the use of fertilizers.

Different size dimension table for Grow Bags: